Born in Rome in 1973, Elena Ricci lives and works in Milan

After finishing her first studies in Lausanne, she studies in Paris from 1998 to 2002 at the Ecole Nationale Supèrieure d’Arts Paris-Cergy, experiencing various media and deepening her passion painting. Since the beginning her artistic research has been profoundly bound to her interest in anthropology, psycology, mythology and religions.

In 2002 she goes back to Rome, continuing her artistic research and taking part to group shows and artistic projects. Since 2008 she lives in Milan, where she has exhibited her work in several solo shows. Since 2015 she has exclusively been concentrating on her work and her research. 



Solo Shows


2019 3rd of June - 19th of July 2019 solo show "Who by fire" - Viasaterna, Milan


2015 "Rear Window" - Home Gallery di Rossella Terzolo, Milan


2012 "Altri Racconti" - Da Vicino, Milan


2011 “This is a licensed show” - Galleria Uno+Uno, Milan

      curated by Stefano Castelli





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Who by fire - comunicato stampa
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Rear Window
Testo critico
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